She Knows Y Know – Hylda Baker

With a title like that, we hardly need to ask who is in the film. Of course it is Hylda Baker who stars, and is on sparkling and very lively form in this British Film.

In many ways the film very much reminds me of the earlier Arthur Askey film ‘The Love Match’ – both are set in the North of England in the early fifties and both rely very much on the two stars who definitely liven things up both have a lovely young blonde girl involved in a romantic situation – and both films have a lodger in the house !!

‘She Knows Y Know’ was on Talking Pictures a week or two ago, I had recorded it at the time and watched it last evening – very glad I did as I found it hilarious.

I couldn’t have imagined that on release it would have been paired with the film on the programme advertised above although, I have to say, to me that would be an unusual but very entertaining night out. I would love both films

In ‘She Knows Y Know’ Hylda Worswick ( Hylda Baker) makes it her mission to prevent her son from a marrying Marilyn Smallhope, who we learn is pregnant. However her son Leslie, is quite keen to marry her – she is certainly a very nice looking blonde girl

It’s a very enjoyable film from 1962, it’s funny and charming.

Hylda Baker has a unique brand of humour, and of course she’s great and later on found a starring role in Nearest and Dearest and Not on your Nellie.

Joan Sanderson was great here as Marilyn’s fearsome mother.

ABOVE – Hylda lays down the law to her son about marrying the pregnant girl

ABOVE – The situation calls for a top level discussion at the pub along with lodger Charlie Todger LEFT

ABOVE – Leslie caught out by Joan Sanderson – in an embrace with Marilyn her daughter. He looks suitably shocked

She Knows Y'Know Image

She Knows Y’Know

She Knows Y'Know Image
She Knows Y'Know Image
She Knows Y'Know Image
ABOVE – A fearsome looking Joan Sanderson
She Knows Y'Know Image
ABOVE – Marilyn

ABOVE Hylda talking with Solicitor Emmanuel Fox of Fox, Fox and Badger. Played of course by a very well spoken Alfred Burke later to become very well known as Frank Marker in ‘Public Eye’ on Television

Hylda Baker stars in this 1962 film comedy. She plays the matriarchal mother of a working class family. She and her husband (Cyril Smith) have a bright but dull son. The Smallhopes a “middle class” family led by Joan Sanderson (Please Sir), have an attractive daughter, but things go astray – as they usually do in this situation.

The film is set in the fifties with its coffee bars and earnest pop singers. Enjoy the class wars, a good slice of Britain in that era and Hylda strutting her stuff!

ABOVE Marilyn with Leslie Hylda’s son

ABOVE – Here she is again but this time with Terry, who sings in the Coffee Bar

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  1. David Rayner says:

    i ran this programme on its original release during my time as a projectionist over 60 years ago. I am lucky to have complete British Front of House sets for both films as well as the quad poster illustrated here.

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