Sam Kydd – A New Book

Sam Kydd’s son Jonathan, discovered an unpublished autobiography and writings. diaries and scripts in his mother’s loft when clearing out the family home after she died in 2012.

He has compiled and edited Four Volumes from this archive

Sam Kydd was in Walt Disney’s ‘Treasure Island’ in 1950 made at Denham Film Studios in Technicolor BELOW:

This was just one of over 200 films that he appeared in.

His son Jonathan, went into the acting business but nothing like as successfully as his father

ABOVE – Sam Kydd visits Grantham in Lincolnshire. He had an invitation from Councillor Fred Foster his former P.O.W. colleague – they were both held in a POW camp in Poland in the War – to visit the town in 1966 and he seems to have scored a hit with these youngsters

A few years later in 1974, Fred Foster was one of the guests on the ‘This is Your Life’ show for Sam Kydd.

In an interview, Jonathan Kydd does not speak well of this show, and more or less says that in his opinion, it didn’t do justice to his father’s life. Apparently there were three or four men who had been POW’s with him – including Fred Foster – and when I listened I thought that Jonathan was a little disparaging against this brave man referring to him as ‘ a mayor of Grantham’ – what if he was ? that would be an important position in a lovely town that I know well.

Don’t forget actor Richard Todd lived there for years

Jonathan Kydd seemed to lack the warmth on camera that his Dad had.

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