Ricky Nelson as ‘Colorado’ in Rio Bravo

Ricky N Rio Bravo


Ricky Nelson in Rio Bravo where he played Colorado – very much playing second fiddle to John Wayne and Dean Martin in the film but nevertheless a really good part in a big film for him, in what would have been his first film



Ricky Nelson in Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo was a big hit at the Box Office – but then again John Wayne was starring and so was Dean Martin so it had a good start.


From a personal angle and from my many memories of that era, as a young teenager quite a crowd of us went each week to a popular dance hall  in our local town and after what was always a wonderful night we finished with Ricky Nelson singing ‘It’s Late’. 

It was a double sider with ‘There’ll Never be Anyone Else But You’ on the flip side. He had another hit with ‘Poor Little Fool’ and a year or two later came ‘Travellin Man’ and ‘Hello May Lou’


By the time Ricky Nelson was 22, he had sold 35 million records and had had 17 Top 10 hits – that is some measure of success by any standards.


His twin sons gave a concert in 2016 in honour of their father  BELOW


Gunnar and Matthew Nelson

Above: Gunnar and  Matthew  Nelson


Most of the concert was dedicated to early rock and roll and Ricky Nelson’s music, including “Travelin’ Man,” “Hello Mary Lou” and “Garden Party.” The twins offered sweet harmony and tight rock and roll.


Then Gunnar talked about what really motivated Ricky Nelson. “My father lived and died for rock and roll – and his fans.”

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