Outlaw Country 1949 – Lash LaRue

I seem to have quite a regard for Lash Larue in many ways because he created a sort of brand from what was a small number of B films to such an extent that there were Lash Larue comics and other merchandiseall very popular at the time. With a better manager he could have really capitalised on this but I doubt that he ever did to any great extent. He was clever enough to see the potential of the bullwhip which made him stand out from the other cowboys of the time and helped him achieve a film career and made him well remembered


Directed by Ray Taylor
Starring Lash La Rue, Fuzzy St. John, Dan White, House Peters, Jr., Nancy Saunders

Outlaw Country (1949) is one of the later Lash pictures, and at 72 minutes, one of the longest. It features Lash La Rue’s long-lost twin brother, the Frontier Phantom — who turns up again the last Lash/Fuzzy film, The Frontier Phantom (1952).

The film was made for Western Adventure Productions, these had even lower budgets than the previous PRC pictures.

ABOVE – Lash Larue – Now here is someone who had the most famous and popular of all the ‘film themed’ comics for quite a few years. He invented a style and developed it in a range of films that did well at the Box Office and when these comics came out they proved to be one of the most successful ones – if not THE most successful.  They are still very collectable today.

I have just looked on ebay , and there are over 500 Lash Larue Comics on sale with prices up to £ 48 Pounds Sterling

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