Now and Forever 1956 in Technicolor

This is a real Technicolor beauty – the photograhy and locations on the beautiful colour print just shows the colour process at its best.

Now and Forever, is based on the play The Orchard Walls by R.F. Delderfield, and tells the story of a romance between Janette, played by Janette Scott, and Mike, played by Vernon Gray. Both are young and from different backgrounds, and after realising that they will not be allowed to be together and maybe marry, so they decide to elope to Gretna Green in Scotland and tie the knot

Released in 1956, Now and Forever is not a very well known film sadly. As a former child star, Janette Scott was marketed as this being her first film role as an adult. The supporting cast also includes Kay Walsh as her teacher, Pamela Brown as her mother, and Jack Warner as Mike’s father.

Now and Forever is advertised as being a heart-warming love story, and from looking at the artwork for the film, you would probably think that this is a romantic film. Although this aspect is central to the plot, as we are following a young couple and their growing relationship, the film is much more dramatic than it may first appear including a lot of teenage angst between the two main characters and their parents.

The film is very charming, and the two leads do very well in their role as lovers separated by the class system. However, it is not easy to see how this film has been mostly forgotten over the years. It should not have been cast aside.

Bryan Forbes appeared briefly in the film with a few lines, among a host of British film character actors.

Below – The Film Premier at the Empire Leicester Square in London 1956

The filming locations as we will show are quite beautiful. As shown BELOW – Courtesy of Reel Streets.

The pictures will underline the beauty of the locations chosen and the Colourand just think, there are many more when you see the film

ABOVE: Janette Grant (Janette Scott) and Mike Pritchard (Vernon Gray) spend time by the river.

Above: As the two return from the theatre one evening, Mike’s car, ‘The Rocket’, stalls while passing through a ford. The ford takes the River Lea over Waterend Lane at Waterend to the east of Wheathampstead in Hertfordshire

ABOVE: Mike stops at the end of Janette’s drive before carrying her to the house where Mrs.Grant finds him in her daughter’s bedroom.

ABOVE: The disapproving Mrs. Grant drives her daughter into town. High Street, Chipping Campden with St. James’ Church in the left distance.

ABOVE: While her mother is sending a cable to Canada, Janette gets out of the car. High Street, Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire.

ABOVE: Janette heads for Pritchard’s garage to find Mike. Alongside the River Windrush in Bourton-on-the-Water with the War Memorial in the left background and High Street on the right.

ABOVE: The lovers drive through the night. Facing south-west on High Street in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire with the Lygon Hotel to the left.

ABOVE: Having slept in the Rocket after travelling 107 miles, the couple wake up on the following morning.

ABOVE En route to Scotland where they plan to get married, Mike and Janette take a break for breakfast. Outside the Redesdale Arms on High Street in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire.

A from St. James Church view at Chipping Campden – Mellingham in the film
Chipping Campden – Mellingham in the film

A Morris Oxford comes to a screeching halt as Janette runs across the road in front. High Street in Chipping Campden with the Market Hall to the left and the tower of St. James’ church in the distance.

The two pause to look at engagement rings and ask the Jeweller (Henry Hewitt) for prices before being invited inside his shop.

After buying a ring they can afford, Mike and Janette continue on their way. High Street, Moreton-in-Marsh with the Town Hall in the left background.

With Hal Osmond

ABOVE: The Pump Attendant (Hal Osmond) approaches the roadster as it comes to a halt.

Leaving the car for repairs at the garage, Mike and Janette look for a room for the night. Lake Road in Waterhead, Westmorland with Lake Windermere in the background.

Mrs. Grant and Mr. Pritchard examine the wreckage of Mike’s Austin Seven.

The couple reach a railway station and Mike walks onto the platform. Coniston railway station on Station Road in Coniston, Lancashire

A police car stops and Mike sees Mrs. Grant get out to speak with the Station Master. The station at Coniston opened in 1859 and was the terminus of the branch line from Foxfield to the north of Kirkby-in-Furness.

ABOVE: An idyllic setting – Farmer Gilbert (Charles Victor) and his wife Aggie (Marjorie Rhodes) discover that the runaways have spent the night in their stable.

ABOVE: Mike and Janette leave the farm and continue towards the border where their parents are waiting with the police.

From a Film Press Book BELOW :-

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BELOW : The Director Mario Zampi of Mario Zampi Productions, discusses a scene with Vernon Gray and Bryan Forbes :-

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