Montana Territory 1952

Saturday afternoon and I scanned through the Film Channels to find what I think was called GreatMovies and settling on that I watched ‘Montana Territory’ from 1952 in Technicolor but with a running time of just 64 minutes.

However those minutes were packed with Western Action and I have to say it was a film I thoroughly enjoyed

Pretty impressive supporting cast with Jack Elam, Clayton Moore and Myron Healey – I didnt know much about Lon McCallister but he proved good in this leading role

Enter Wanda Hendrix who seems to misunderstand what is going on early in the film
Lon McCallister tries to explain

Much of the location filing was done at the Iverson Ranch just outside Hollywood – used in many Westerns – and others including the Jungle Jim series. Famous Film Director William Witney used this a lot and said that he was not fully at ease there because it was inhabited by quite a few Rattlesnakes

ABOVE – Preston Foster plays the Sheriff – but is he all seems seems to be ?

ABOVE – Wanda Handrix is captured and dragged back into the Ranch House

Lon McCallister is injured be is OK in the arms of Wanda Hendrix

Back to Wanda Hendrix – she had married Audie Murphy in February of 1949 but in 1950 she filed for divorce although I think she always loved him. When he remarried in April 1951 she went off to New York for as she says ‘heartache’ reasons on hearing this news.

She had many escorts until she later married Robert Stack’s brother – that marriage also ended in divorce.

When Audie Murphy died a lot of years later in 1971 she attended his funeral and was weeping throughout.

A decade later, at the age of 52, she died

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