Marilyn Monroe with Frankie Vaughan

Frankie Vaughan may not have had a long film career but he did go to Hollywood to star alongside Marilyn in ‘Let’s Make Love’

He had of course made a couple of good films here namely ‘These Dangerous Years’ and ‘The Heart of a Man’ – the latter one I seem to remember very well and then later he was in ‘The Lady is a Square’

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The British films were made by Anna Neagle’s husband Herbert Wilcox who was – and had been – a major player in British films, often with his wife in the them – and they were usually successful.

Frank certainly looks very relaxed here as he prepares for a scene with Marilyn Monroe –

I had forgotten that he did in fact make a film before the ones I mentioned above – he had appeared in Arthur Askey’s comedy Ramsbottom Rides Again (1956)

In this film, his film debut, Frankie sings “This is the Night” and “Ride, Ride, Ride Again.”

Ramsbottom Rides Again was a comic western ( filmed at the Beaconsfield Film Studios in England ) about the timid grandson of a tough guy sheriff. In the cast were Frankie Vaughan, Shani Wallis and Sabrina, Arthur Askey’s busty discovery from his BBC television series.

So when you think of it, within a few years, Frankie Vaughan had shared the screen spotlight with both Marilyn Monroe and Sabrina – I cant think of anyone else who did that !!

Whilst in Hollywood, Frankie made another film for 20th Century Fox which seems to get quite good reviews – it was ‘The Right Approach’ and would be his last film

Frankie plays a ruthless young Hollywood hopeful who uses his friends (and anyone else handy) as stepping stones on his way to fame as a singing star.

After moving into the communal bachelor pad he shares with his brother and three other struggling youngsters, he wastes no time in moving in on the girlfriend of one of the guys (Juliet Prowse) only to discard her in favour of a journalist (Martha Hyer) who he hopes will help his career

In this film we get to see Frankie Vaughan be really selfish and mean to people – even so he seems to make a charismatic and likeable bad guy.

It is a screenplay originally intended for Elvis.

I can’t think that this film did any good though – I can’t recall it at all and wonder if anyone else can

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