Long John Silver meets HS2

Seems like a complete clash of two names that don’t appear to have any relationship at all – unless you are a film fan of the 1950’s

Treasure Island’ filmed at Denham Film Studios by Walt Disney in the summer of 1949 – film released 1950 – featured the Denham Lake as the place where the pirates with Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins landed on the island

Now in 2023 we have the HS2 longest Railway Bridge in the country straddling the very place where this happened

An Artist’s impression of the finished rail line

Whatever would Walt Disney and Robert Newton have had to say about this, let alone Richard Todd who carried on here in similar locations in ‘The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men’

BELOW – The action for ‘Treasure Island’ takes place there almost three quarters of a Century ago

ABOVE – Here we are arriving at Treasure Island – the palm tress were added to the summer foliage and it really looks effective and good.

Long John in menacing pose with Bobby Driscoll as Jim Hawkins

I just love these shots both above and below – and a Rail Bridge above them – Well not then and not for a few decades

ABOVE – Bobby Driscoll runs from the Pirates – again at Denham close to where the RAIL Bridge would be positioned a long time later

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