Last Train From Bombay 1952

This is a film that has resurfaced after 40 years of being tucked away somewhere. I can’t even pretend to know the film – or anything about it so am relying on things I can cobble together

Jon Hall, who made a big impact in 1937 in “The Hurricane” stars in this 1952 film 

Filming started 11 March 1952.

Jon Hall, usually to be found hanging out in Pago Pago or sailing to Tahiti, washes up in India for this B-movie, produced with every expense spared by Columbia. Hall plays an American diplomat whose friend (Douglas Kennedy) turns out to be a member of an insurrectionist group who plant bombs on trains. When the friend is murdered, Hall becomes both a murder suspect and a target for the terrorists. Shots of India are sort of glued into the picture.

It’s an interesting story , but not even remotely historically accurate but then again it is a fictional story so it does not need to be.

Director: Fred F. Sears Writers: Robert Libott (story and screenplay)   Stars: Jon Hall, Christine Larson, Lisa Ferraday, Douglas Kennedy, Michael Fox, Donna Martell, Matthew Boulton

Now watch BELOW the thrilling trailer :-

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