Joan Rice and Natasha Parry – March 1951

These two very lovely film actresses combined in this Advertisement that appeared in the Illustrated Magazine dated March 24 th 1951. I don’t know whether or not they knew one another,  but they were both of a similar age and similar looks really.

Joan Rice and Natasha Parry March 1951

It was only in the last couple of weeks or so that I became acquainted with Natasha Parry after seeing her in Dance Hall on the Talking Pictures film channel – and I have to say I was impressed with her.

Dance Hall 1950 Film

Above: Left to Right: The Lovely Natasha Parry, Diana Dors, Petula Clark and Jane Hylton in Dance Hall

At the time of this advertisement Joan Rice would have just got news that she had won the coveted role of Maid Marion opposite Richard Todd in The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men – to be made at Denham starting in a month’s time from the date of this magazine.

Both careers were on the ‘up’ at this time.

Joan Rice did very well indeed in Robin Hood which went on to have Worldwide acclaim in 1952 before going off to Fiji for His Majesty O Keefe with Burt Lancaster.

After that she just seemed to fade away and we have speculated much on this.   I felt that when she returned from Fiji, something happened in her private life to alter things which affected her career.    Thinking more about it though, I wonder if the months she had away in Fiji meant that in film terms she was ‘out of sight and out of mind’ of the Film Producers and her moment was gone. We will never know.

Natasha Parry was the step-daughter of film Producer Gordon  Parry – and married Theatre Director Peter Brook. She died in 2015.

However relating to this advertisement,  soon after this in 1952, she spent a full year not working at all as she contracted TB. Fortunately she recovered well.

Natasha Parry died on 22 July 2015 (Some sources say 23 July 2015) while on holiday in La Baule, Brittany, France, at the age of 84 after a stroke.  She was survived by her husband and their children, Irina and Simon.

However one snippet of news I have found is interesting. It says “The daughter of a Russian who fled the revolution and is said to be related to Pushkin, her first father was a gambler and newspaper man, her stepfather a film director.”

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2 Responses to “Joan Rice and Natasha Parry – March 1951”

  1. Alan Keeling says:

    It was nice to see Natasha Parry’s performance in Dance Hall (1950), but I also recall Natasha’s TV appearances, especially in Name of the Game (1968/71) and Sir Francis Drake (1961/62).

    • Movieman says:

      Alan, She is not an actress that I knew much about but was impressed with her in Dance Hall. Of the other two TV programmes you mention I know the Sir Francis Drake series but not the other one. I was interested to learn of her background and family connections and also very sorry to hear about her ‘year out’ with TB – but pleased that she made a good and full recovery. It always fascinates me to hear of someone and look into their life and history and discover just how interesting they can be – or have been. Thanks again for your comment. Neil

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