Hobbies of the Stars in the early Fifties


It is interesting to see the Hobbies of the Stars – some are English Film Stars

Patricia Plunkett


ABOVE – Patricia Plunkett loves working in the Garden


Zena Marshall


ABOVE – Zena Marshall has a Toy Theatre. She builds her own theatres, writes her own plays, and designs and paints the scenery and characters – but not content with this,   she plays all the parts herself.   She often treats her friends to a full performance which are miracles of artistic and mechanical ingenuity.

I really admire what she does here,  and would love to have seen one of her shows. The Theatre just looks so lovely.


Richard Todd


ABOVE – Richard Todd tinkers with his Railton car.  This will keep him busy no doubt.


Kathleen Byron


ABOVE – Kathleen Byron looks a dab hand at decorating – if fact she decorated her Knightsbridge Flat which included this painting that she did of Pinocchio on her Bathroom wall.    She is quite an artist.

Stephen Murray


ABOVE – Stephen Murray tunes his Clavicord.    Apparently he is quite an expert on this musical instrument. I can’t remember him being in a musical though – he always seemed to play straight parts on screen. He was very good too.


Zachary Scott


ABOVE – Zachary Scott with his Antique Clock – he always looks to have such a serious face.


Dan Duryea


ABOVE – Dan Duryea with his two sons Richard and Peter,  playing with what looks like a wonderful train set.


Ann Blyth


ABOVE – Ann Blyth  mowing the lawn – with a push mower at that.






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