Gone With the Wind 1939 – I just love this scene from the film !!

Gone with the Wind (1939). What an iconic scene from this wonderful film. So essential is Scarlett O’Hara’s plantation Tara to the film that composer Max Steiner actually gave it its own musical theme.

Its destruction in the Civil War devastates Scarlett, and her obsession with restoring it to its previous glory becomes the driving motivation of her life. To achieve this she marries two men she doesn’t love for their money and even kills. In the end though, after she has lost everything else, she returns to Tara and vows to make it the  place it once was.  In a film of lavish expenditure, clearly not a penny was spared by David O. Selznick on making Tara the image of  Scarlett’s dreams


Here is another scene I love – similar set at Tara.

Gone With The Wind still


Above – With Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes and Olivia de Havilland as Melanie.
“Gone with the Wind” brought together the best people in Hollywood. The end result is a stunning film that for about four hours keep us interested in the story unfolding in the screen. Of course, credit must be due to the director, Victor Fleming, and his vision, as well as the adaptation by Sydney Howard.

The cinematography created by Ernest Haller gives us a vision of the gentle South before the war, and the Phoenix raising from the ashes of a burned Atlanta. The music of Max Steiner puts the right touch behind all that is seen in the movie.

Also the Technicolor was wonderful

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