Glynis Johns is 100 Years Old

Film and Stage actress Glynis Johns is now retired and lives in a residential care home in Beverly Hills, California,

She celebrated her 100th birthday on October 5, 2023 – she was actually born in South Africa, where her parents were on tour, but she was soon back in England and made her stage debut as a babe in arms along with her Grand Parents

I recall her as the mermaid in ‘Miranda’ and later in ‘The Card’ with quite a lot of that film shot in Llandudno


For Walt Disney she was in ‘The Sword and the Rose’ and after that came Rob Roy.

She met members of The Royal Family many times, including Queen Elizabeth 11 at the premiere for Rob Roy The Highland Rogue’ in October 1953 – a film that the Queen, we later heard, did not much like

She was married to Anthony Forwood and had a son Gareth who died in 2007 . I saw Anthony Forwood, a few days ago, in one of the Colonel March episodes on Talking Pictures but he is best remembered as being Will Scarlet in Walt Disney’s The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men’ released in 1952

In 1949 Anthony Forwood gained his first acting role when he starred in Ralph Thomas’ Traveller’s Joy. That same year he appeared in the thriller Man in Black with Sid James. Some time later, in 1952, he received a number of roles including Appointment in London with Dirk Bogarde, One year later he acted in the Oscar-nominated Knights of the Round Table, a film starring such high-profile actors as Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner and Stanley Baker, and in Terence Fisher’s Mantrap (1953). His last role came in 1956 in Colonel March of Scotland Yard.

Gareth Forwood had quite a good film and stage career although he never made the big time. He had a son

Anthony Forwood was divorced from Glynis Johns and became the partner of Dirk Bogarde for the remainder of his life

Dirk Bogarde and Anthony Forwood

Bogarde always publicly denied he was a homosexual, though later in life he did confess that he and his manager, Anthony Forwood, had a long-term relationship. When Bogarde met him in 1939, Forwood was a theatrical manager, who eventually married and divorced Glynis Johns. Forwood became Bogarde’s friend and subsequently his life partner, and the two moved to France together in 1968. They bought a 15th-century farmhouse near Grasse in Provence in the early 1970s, which they restored. Bogarde and Forwood lived in the house until 1983, when they returned to London so that Anthony Forwood could be treated for cancer, from which he eventually died in 1988. Bogarde nursed him in the last few months of his life.

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