George Baker in Rupert of Hentzau – BBC Television 1964

Just a couple of stills from this version – it was apparently  very good!


George Baker played the 2 Rudolfs, and Barbara Shelley (a Hammer favourite) Queen Flavia.


Rupert was played by Peter Wyngarde, better known as Jason King  and  John Phillips played Zapt. The adaptation was by Donald Wilson.




Rupert of Hentzau 1964 3   Rupert of Hentzau 1964 4

ABOVE: Peter Wyngarde played Rupert of Hentzau and George Baker as both Rudolph Rassendyll and The King.


On looking further into this Production one of the actors in it was a Derek Bloomfield who I did not know at all.

However it seems he died shortly after this serial went on air which was from the end of March 1964 – he actually died on 23 rd July 1964 at the age of 43 in Brittany.

Derek Bloomfield


ABOVE: Derek Bloomfield One other curious fact is that although he looked a very English type of actor and have been acting since he was very young – one of his early  roles in films was in the 1935 version of Mutiny on The Bounty. 


That, of course was made in Hollywood. The films he was in before and after were films made here in England.


Hobsons Choice 1954


He was in Hobsons Choice  ABOVE – that classic film of 1954 with John Mills, Charles Laughton and Brenda De Banzie.

Here he is above seated far left playing Freddie Beenstock – and in this he was 7th on the billing so it was a decent part to get.


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