Film Stars Garden Party – Morden Park 1947

The Sunday Pictorial Newspaper held this Garden Party shortly after the War at Morden Park – and the event was repeated each year for quite a few years. In fact it was filmed by Pathe News and shown shortly afterwards at our local cinemas.

A crowd estimated at 25,000 attended on the very hot summer day in 1947 – in fact following a very cold and snowy winter, the summer of 1947 was hot and sunny and continued that way for months. Not sure what month this would be but I reckon it is mid summer. I have found out that the next year, in 1948 the event took place on 10th July

Every year, from 1947 to 1951, Morden Hall Park hosted possibly the most glamorous event in London: the Film Stars’ Garden Party. The Sunday Pictorial (which became the Sunday Mirror) collaborated with the British film industry to organise the parties in aid of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and the Church of England Children’s Society. 

Nearly 150 stars, both British and American, were present at these fabulous garden parties to meet 25,000 of their adoring fans. It was a chance of a lifetime for many a Londoner to meet their screen idol and take home a lasting memory.

One local resident recalls: “The Film star parties were the highlight of the year, I couldn’t get tickets but one year I sneaked in over the gate. I bumped into Margaret Lockwood who just shook my hand and let me carry on. I had heard of her, but didn’t realise how famous she was!  I can’t remember what she was wearing except that she was very glamorous with a large hat.”

ABOVE – Derek Bond and Anne Crawford pause for a chat

BELOW – John mills is the Auctioneer

BELOW -Michael Rennie assists Christine Norden as she cools her feet in the water

ABOVE – Richard Attenborough with his wife Shelia Sim

ABOVE – Lads from the Navy gather round Rosamund John as she signs her autograph for them

ABOVE – Left to Right Diana Dors, Joan Dowling, Christine Norden, Sheila Sim, Anne Crawford, Sally Anne Howes, Jane Hylton, Sally Gray, Rosamund John, Beatrice Campbell on parade

ABOVE – Anna Neagle with Michael Wilding – strawberrys and ice cream

ABOVE – John Mills – this time with young John Howard Davies

ABOVE – Garry Marsh with Yolande Donlan

ABOVE – Jean Simons and Stewart Granger sign for a fan

ABOVE – Fans queue up to be photographed with Jean Kent

ABOVE – Douglas Montgomery signs again and again

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