Felix Felton – Multi talented and a name well remembered from the Radio days !!

Now here is a name that seemed to around a great deal when we were listening to the Radio – probably in the early fifties, often on Children’s Hour where we would hear ‘By Felix Felton’ or ‘ with ‘Felix Felton’ or ‘written by Felix Felton’ or ‘Adapted by Felix Felton’ – so to me that just seemed to be name that was always around

An accomplished actor, writer and producer Felix Felton was the narrator of the Radio show ‘Toytown’. During the war he played the mayor in Toytown, which was a popular children’s radio programme that was part of Children’s Hour. This radio slot was a boost to the morale of many families whose lives had been disrupted by the war.

However I would not remember that far back so he must have been – and was – around much later.

Felix Felton, was a British film, television, stage and voice actor as well as a radio director, composer and author.

He wrote two orchestral suites which were played by the London Philharmonic and other orchestras.

Above – Felix Felton in ‘My Death is a Mockery’ 1952

My Death Is a Mockery is a 1952 British crime film directed by Tony Young and starring Donald Houston, Kathleen Byron and Bill Kerr.

It was shot at the Brighton Studios as a second feature.

Here he is with Joan Hickson in ‘Doctor in Distress”

He adapted the Radio play ‘The Eagle of the Ninth’ in 6 episodes for the BBC among many others.

In fact today he cropped up in the wonderful ‘The Pickwick Papers’ 1952 with James Hayter in the title role – on Talking Pictures

He appeared at the Coliseum in The Pajama Game with Max Wall, Edmund Hockridge and down the cast list was Arthur Lowe

Again BELOW a scene from one of his many plays – ‘No Quarter’ at the Hampstead Theatre Club

Felix Felton – a man of many talents

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