Conquest of Cochise 1954

This film had a title that would help to pull us youngsters of the early to mid fifties into our local cinema. Plus it was in Technicolor.

The cast also – maybe not top stars – but we knew them all

This would be a ‘must see’ Western in those days – mind you I can’t remember seeing it at the time in all honesty.

Southern Arizona is the setting for this film that has action, good photography and a nice music score. The plot involves the U.S. Government’s attempt to forge a peace treaty between ancient enemies, the Apaches and Mexicans, the latter of whom the American troops are duty-bound to protect from Cochise’s raiders. Indian-hating Mexicans and trouble-making Americans stand in the way of peace and inflame hostilities on both sides of the border. The Comanches, at war with both the Americans and the Mexicans, hope to enlist Cochise and his Apaches as allies in their war against their enemies.

Robert Stack is the best-known name among a good cast of players who were veterans of many Western films.

John Hodiak is Cochise, and he brings a mannered, formal bearing as the Apache chief

Sam Katzman formerly of Monogram Studios probably could not believe the budget he had with Columbia Pictures for Conquest Of Cochise. Technicolor and location shooting. I bet that he could hardly believe it

 The film is mainly worth watching because of the insight into the Apache way of life , and of course there is a lady involved (Joy Page) we do see her actually kill an Indian in one of their raids. The colours are brilliant, they always are in films of Arizona, and that is an added plus for the film. It is one of the first major Westerns that take sides with the Indians or at least shows a deeper understanding and interest in them.

Robert Stack as the major is more standard military officer routine soldier, while it is the actions of Cochise that keep you engaged.

ABOVE – Robert Stack in an action scene

“Conquest of Cochise” is a competent Western from the team of producer Sam Katzman and director William Castle. shot in glorious Technicolor, against a back-drop of spectacular scenery.

What more could you possibly want

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