Colonel March – with Josephine Douglas

Just over a week ago on Talking Pictures Television, we had another episode of ‘Colonel March’ with Boris Karloff. I have to say that we have watched all the episodes to date. After a pretty poor start these stories got progressively worse but the last two or three have been pretty good.

“The Stolen Crime” begins with Peter Ridgway (Glyn Houston) asking Inspector Ames (Ewan Roberts) to arrest him for plotting the perfect murder of his wealthy wife.

At that point in the story, she is not actually dead, and when she does die within a few days, her death is put down to natural causes.

It doesn’t take long for Colonel March and Ames to travel to the house and get to the bottom of things but things are never quite what they seem to be

Josephine Douglas at that time a young actress, was in this one. Later we would see her presenting ‘Six Five Special’ along with Peter Murray. She was also a presenter, producer and director in Television. This episode was her last acting role – she obviously had a talent in many other areas of entertainment and pursued those

All the pictures below are of Josephine Douglas taken from the film

ABOVE – Josephine Douglas who according to various web sites was born Josephine Reckitt in Dewsbury West Yorkshire in 1926 – same year as The Queen.

However, without being totally sure, I think that her surname could have been Rickett or Ricketts. Quite a number of years ago when I had just started work, there was a person among the many employees called Ricketts and I do remember him and his wife attending the wedding of his cousin who would be Josephine and a picture appeared in the local newspaper at the time.

However that gives me another reason to query the Online Records because this would have been 1960 or 1961 maybe and yet her marriages are shown as before this.

Is there anyone out there that could shed some light on this please

I am sure that many would remember Josephine Douglas presenting ‘Six Five Special’

I have come across this BELOW which confirms that her real name was ‘Rickett’ as I thought :-

Josephine Douglas was born on October 6, 1926 in Earlsheaton, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England as Josephine Rickett. She was a producer and director, known for The Arthur Askey Show (1961), Love Story (1963) and Virgin of the Secret Service (1968). She was married to Christopher Doll and Pouton, Douglas.

She died on July 12, 1988 in Slinfold, Sussex, England. She was only 62.

I am pleased to have seen her starring alongside Boris Karloff in the last of her acting roles and also noting that her very first film part was in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Stage Fright’ in 1950,

I hope this article on Josephine Douglas helps brings her back in the memory of many people who remember her – as I do

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