Cinema Advertisement – Whats on in town Summer 1958

What an interesting item from an old Local Newspaper which gives us a great insight into what was showing a SIX different cinemas in the Summer of 1958 Some of these films I have to admit I am not familiar with.

Cinema Showings 1958

At the Essoldo was Down Payment with Joanne Woodward and Cameron Mitchell supported by Body Beautiful with Susan Morrow and Robert Clark from 1953.

The Pavilion showed ‘Drums of Tahiti’ which was made in 3 D and gets some good reviews. Typical South Sea Island type film – which I love – A 3-D Production from producer Sam Katzman which is  quite good  as B-movie’s go, with Dennis O’Keefe involved in smuggling guns into Tahiti to fight the French, and finding romance along the way. Some nice scenery – filmed in Technicolor. Also at the Pavilion was The Golden Mistress which starred John Agar and Rosemarie Bowe who later married Robert Stack and was happily married to him for 47 years until his death. She gets very good reviews for this one but did not pursue her film career after she married in 1956. Co-starring was John Agar who was also in the film showing at The Royal ‘ Gog’  a Sci-Fi Film made in 3D. I do not think though that these were shown in 3D at that time.

On to the Majestic Cinema which was showing a new film Orders to Kill with Paul Massie and Eddie Albert and a cast of good quality British Actors. I have read this review :-

This World War II movie has a realistic well written script, good acting. I saw this movie 40 years ago and have never forgotten it. The tragedy is that it apparently did not have big promotional dollars behind it so has never reappeared. Nine stars out of ten.

Also at The Majestic – The Narrowing Circle with Paul Carpenter and Hazel Court made in 1956. This sounds like one that would be shown on Talking Pictures – that wonderful TV channel in Britain.

At the ABC formerly The Ritz was Dale Robertson in Top of the World – a spy adventure film set close to the North Pole – With the tag line ‘Trapped on a Crumbling Island of Ice – 500 Mile from Nowhere’

To of the World - Dale Robertson 1955

Also at the ABCChicago Syndicate with Dennis O Keefe and Abbe Lane. A film about Chicago Gangsters.

Here again as with John Agar,  Dennis O Keefe was appearing in TWO different films at different Cinemas in the town.

Saddle The Wind with Robert Taylor was billed for the following week – this is a good and well remembered film from MGM  that had all the publicity on release.

Then at The Roxy – which had been called The Globe’ – was a well known one ‘Where The River Bends’ originally released in 1952 with James Stewart. With is was Headline Hunters – from Republic Pictures  with Rod Cameron – and for a change for Rod Cameron – not a Western.

Going through this list has reminded me of certain films and introduced me to others – and other films stars too like Rosemarie Bowe ( Stack) – who in truth I knew little about.


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