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I watched this one yesterday – a few days before this, I had seen Paul Temple’s Triumph which was a later one released in 1950 – and I have to admit, that I liked the later one best. However Calling Paul Temple was the first of the ones starring John Bentley as Paul Temple and Dinah Sheridan as Steve

‘Calling Paul Temple’ had a complex plot involving murders by someone who always left a note with ‘Rex’ written on it – at least for the first three murders anyway. Who is Rex is the question that runs through the film and it is only in the very last minutes of the film that we find out – having suspected almost all of the characters including one of the police investigators. This is typical Francis Durbridge – he was brilliant at this sort of thing. Nobody did it better

Dinah Sheridan played Steve in two of the Paul Temple films and Patricia Dainton came in later in the same role

Patricia Dainton was chatting on Talking Pictures a few days ago and going through her film career which she packed in, in the mid fifties to raise a family. When the children were older she looked for a job and found one in a well-known Book Shop. She said that she found the first day really hard work but carried on and came to love the job. She managed to have her own floor eventually and had a big say in the books purchased.

She loved the customers and said that her acting experience came in very useful because she was able to learn and remember customer’s names – much as she had learned her lines in the acting days – and that proved a major boon as it would. I always remember my Dad ( whose Birthday it would have been today ) and he worked in Insurance and developed a similar skill. I remember, as a child, watching him meet someone outside of his work and he remembered their names and things about them and their families – and even then I saw how much that pleased people and connected him with them. It is a wonderful skill to have

Patricia Dainton in one of her first films ‘The Dancing Years’

Patricia Dainton introduced one of her films the Supernatural thriller ‘The House in Marsh Road’ starring Tony Wright, Patricia Dainton and Sandra Dorne. Jean Linton ( Patricia Dainton) is left a country house and hopes it will be the fresh start for her and husband David, who has ambitions to be a novelist. However, David is also a gambler and womaniser who has less salubrious plans for his wife. But there is something else in the house.#

The film was directed by Montgomery Tully who Patricia described as a lovely, charming man who was a joy to work with – his wife acted as the Wardrobe Manager on the film. She and her family became good friends with them and their family after this film was made.

Pictures BELOW from ‘The House in Marsh Road 1960

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