Border River 1954

A Western Directed by George Sherman

In the last days of the Civil War, Confederate officer Joel McCrea and associates rob a Union storehouse of $2,000,000. They head down to a small patch of Mexican territory controlled by renegade general Pedro Armendariz and start negotiating to turn the money into arms for the Confederacy.

This seems to have been film shot in three-strip Technicolor – and thats about as any colour film gets.

Director George Sherman, an expert in Westerns, directs the script well as you would expect

Another solid performance by Joel Mccrea. Yvonne de Carlo also adds strength to this feature.

The film portrays a turbulent time in American history

This doesn’t appear to be a well-remembered film from the era but lets hope that a forthcoming release of this on BluRay will help it become better known

Yvonne de Carlo

ABOVE – maybe a welcome break from filming – and a chance to cool down in a fairly unorthodox way – but very effective I would think

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