3 D week in San Francisco

The Castro Theatre was hosting a 3-D Film Series recently including the 1953 Vincent Price vehicle House of Wax. Even better, the Castro Theatre was screening these 3-D films in 35mm “Dual-interlock,” an arduous process, especially from a theatre management perspective. Basically, the “dual-interlock” projection system uses two projectors to simultaneously run two versions of the film, one filmed for the left eye and one for the right; further, this screening method requires an actual “silver” screen, special polarized glasses (not the typical red/blue, or anaglyphic ones), and an intermission to allow the projectionist to change the reels on both projectors at the same time. The end  result is apparently first rate


Even the opening credits were exciting. Crisp vivid picture with not even the slightest colour degradation creating an often startling 3-D effect.



Above – Scenes from ‘House Of Wax’

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