The Miniver Story 1950

This one just scrapes into the fifties as it was released quite early in 1950. The film although treated to MGM s expensive production values somehow did not appeal to the public as Mrs Miniver had done a few years before. Maybe fashions had changed and also it was no longer wartime and maybe people wanted something else from a film. It wasn’t a bad film although it is some years since I saw it.

This film was made in England by MGM

 The pictures  below show Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson posing for publicity stills – I wish I knew where that was – does anyone know ?  MGM were at Boreham Wood at the time and previously had used Denham Studios – my own favourite – and I reckon these shots are on the lake at the back of Denham Studios where Treasure Island and Mr Polly were filmed.

 Film Publicity Stills below  -   at Denham ??

This film was released late 1950 

Greer Garson reprises her award-winning performance as Kay Miniver in this sequel to the wartime hit MRS. MINIVER. World War II has ended and like most families in England, the Minivers are trying to rebuild their lives. Mr. Miniver (Walter Pidgeon) wants to start over in Brazil. Son Toby (William Fox) wants to jitterbug in America. Daughter Judy (Cathy O’Donnell) is in love with a married officer. And, Mrs. Miniver (Greer Garson) is struggling with her own deep, dark secret that threatens to destroy the entire family. Kay has learned that she has terminal cancer, but with the family finally reunited in London after a lengthy separation, she does not feel it’s the time to reveal this sad news. Instead, the selfless Kay, knowing the end is near, decides to make sure that her loved ones will be well taken care of after her death. H.C. Potter directs and manages to keep the story sympathetic without falling prey to melodrama.

Interestingly in the storyline no mention is ever made of the eldest Miniver son, Vincent, who appeared in the earlier film, possibly because Greer Garson and Richard Ney (the actor who portrayed him) had been married and divorced (1943–1947) by the time The Miniver Story was produced in 1950.

Another character in the film was Peter Finch, then largely unknown and in fact he remained that way largely until he portrayed The Sheriff of Nottingham in Walt Disney’s The Story of Robin Hood – made at Denham – in fact the very last film to be made there.   In that film  he seemed to catch the eye of producers and from then on went  from strength to strength.

Above is Peter Finch in a much later Disney film ‘Kidnapped’ as Alan Breck Stuart

Leo Genn had a leading role. He later played in Moby Dock I remember.

Interestingly an early role went to actor  William Fox as the son  - later to become much better known as James Fox who has had a prolific career in films, TV and theatre.


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