Prince of Thieves – 1948 Jon Hall as Robin Hood


This is a film I have heard about but always found it difficult to get hold of – not sure why. However that was put right and I have just seen the film – and was not dis-appointed.

Prince of Thieves 13


Prince of Thieves 14


Prince of Thieves 12

Director Howard Bretherton’s 1948 Columbia Pictures’ Robin Hood’  is a good adventure film

Jon Hall stars as  Robin Hood, who ensures that the Lady Christabel (Adele Jergens) marries the Saxon noble Sir Allan Claire (Michael Duane) and not the Baron Tristram (Gavin Muir).

King Richard is away at the Crusades and there is crucial court intrigue in his absence.

Alan Mowbray plays Friar Tuck and  Patricia Morison is a pleasing Maid Marian 

The actors are all good and seem to enjoy their roles   with the Cinecolor photography of considerable help. It was the film’s main attraction – but apparently I am told this process could not  reproduce the colour green.

However I have just watched the film and I felt that the colour was really good and enhanced the film


Also in the cast are H B Warner just after his most famous role as Mr Gower in Its a Wonderful Life. He was superb in than classic film.

The  stunt work in Prince of Thieves is taken on by Jock Mahoney, who later played The Range Rider on Television.

The film was shot re-using many of the sets left over from Columbia Pictures’ 1945 The Bandit of Sherwood Forest  and at Corriganville, Ray Corrigan Ranch, Simi Valley, California.

Sam Katzman  managed to secure the huge budget of $400,000, including $100,000 for cast, and cash for the all-important colour.

Prince of Thieves 2


 Scenes from very early in the film ABOVE and BELOW


Prince of Thieves 3


Filmed in Cinecolor – which I thought very good.

Prince of Thieves 4

Jon Hall in good form as Robin Hood


I have put in the scene BELOW  of the Lake where the two leading ladies swim later in the film to show the Cinecolor print

Prince of Thieves 7

Some Action Scenes

Prince of Thieves 8

More action

Prince of Thieves 9

ABOVE – Robin marries Lady Marian and Lady Christabel (Adele Jergens) marries the Saxon noble Sir Allan Claire (Michael Duane) 

Prince of Thieves 10

At the end of the film riders gallop into the town where the wedding have taken place

Prince of Thieves 6


More Scenes from the film BELOW – In Cinecolor

Prince of Thieves 15

More Scenes from the film – In Cinecolor

Prince of Thieves 16

Robin chats to Lady Marian – Patricia Morison

Prince of Thieves 17

And demonstrates the bow he uses

Prince of Thieves 18

Lady Marian ( Patricia Morison) and   Lady Christabel (Adele Jergens)  swim in the beautiful blue waters of the lake

Prince of Thieves 23

Lady Marian ( Patricia Morison) and  Lady Christabel (Adele Jergens)  prepare for the wedding BELOW

Prince of Thieves 20


However Robin and his men arrive and the wedding goes ahead – with a difference this time though

Prince of Thieves 21

A sword fight ensues

Prince of Thieves 22

ABOVE – A lovely colour scene of the town  – the Cinecolor here looks so good.


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3 Responses to “Prince of Thieves – 1948 Jon Hall as Robin Hood”

  1. David Rayner says:

    Cinecolor was a cheapo two colour process…red and blue if I remember correctly. Technicolor was a three colour process…red blue and green, the primary colours, and was far more expensive that Cinecolor.

    • Movieman says:

      I am sure that is true David. However I have to say that ‘Prince of Thieves’ looked very good in Cinecolor – in fact the colour was quite impressive. When we saw the large lake though it did look a really bright blue – much like the famous Blue Pool Nr Wareham in Dorset which is naturally coloured that way due to the clay. In fact it reminded me of that. This film like all Hollywood Robin Hood films, does not get Sherwood Forest right – the one that did – made in England – was ‘The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men’ with Richard Todd and Joan Rice in 1952 filmed at Burnham Beeches. Thanks for your comments.

  2. David Rayner says:

    Yes, as with most American Robin Hood films, shot at the Corrigan or Iverson ranches in California, where numerous Westerns were filmed, the landscape was about as far away from England as you could get, while the Walt Disney version was actually filmed in what was then left of Sherwood Forest and at Burnham Beeches and looked far more authentic.

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