Congo Crossing 1956

This was an old fashioned jungle melodrama set in the Congo and released by Universal in Technicolor.

Universal International

Although filmed mainly in Hollywood and not on location the way this is done is first class as we can almost feel the heat and humidity of the jungle

Congo Crossing 1956 8

ABOVE: Virginia Mayo takes the film’s main role with George Nader - a handsome leading actor who does a good job in this one.

They’re both in a real sleazy town in the French Congo where Peter Lorre runs a rather loose enforcement policy. There’s also Michael Pate who seems to have been sent to track down Virginia Mayo.

Rex Ingram plays  a black doctor running a hospital. 


Peter Lorre


Among the supporting Cast of Congo Crossing as already mentioned is Peter Lorre – in a scene above –  as a cynical Police Inspector and Rex Ingram as a dedicated doctor.

Peter Lorre appears unwashed and  quite shabby, hanging about in his dirty uniform, covered by medals in the style of a South-American dictator.   Needless to say his time on screen is a joy to watch

 Congo Crossing 1956 2

I have read  that Universal got Virginia Mayo’s services for Congo Crossing in exchange for Rock Hudson going to Warner Brothers.

Congo Crossing 1956


Congo Crossing 1956 3


Congo Crossing 1956 4

Shot in the Botanical Gardens of Los Angeles  ABOVE – where some of the Bomba films were also shot – this good action adventure film has Virginia Mayo as a socialite on the run and George Nader an engineer on a surveying mission.


Congo Crossing 1956


Congo Crossing 1956 2

Steamy Jungles where people are eaten by flies – in this case Virginia Mayo on the boat fending off those creatures ABOVE.

Congo Crossing 1956 5

Action and colour in the Jungle as their boat is attacked ABOVE

Congo Crossing 1956 6


Congo Crossing 1956 7


Congo Crossing 1956 4

More action Scenes from Congo Crossing 1956

Congo Crossing 1956 9


Congo Crossing 1956 10

This is a much better film than you might imagine – very colourful and is able to put over a film that you would think had been filmed in Africa – as the Producer, Director and Set Designers seem to have got the style and mood very accurately – and we think we are there.

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre ABOVE.

Congo Crossing 1956


Congo Crossing 1956 2

Action Scenes ABOVE

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  1. Alan Keeling says:

    As well as starring in many films, George Nader featured in a number of TV series and was the main star of his own TV shows, such as: The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen (1958/59) shot live & in colour, plus The Man & the Challenge (1959/60) and Shannon (1961/62) in which Nader played an insurance investigator.

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