Trouble in the Glen 1954

This one didn’t fare well at the Box Office even though it is awash with Film Stars of the time including none other than Orson Welles – plus Forrest Tucker, Margaret Lockwood, Victor McLaglen and John McCallum.

I remember seeing this film at The Gaumont Cinema in St.Albans when very young – and remember bits of it.

My Brother and I went with My Uncle and Aunt who lived in the City – as we had gone on holiday to their home at the time which  we often did in the Summertime.  I loved it there.

Trouble in the Glen

Trouble in the Glen is a comedy featuring Orson Wells (in a kilt) as the new laird who stirs up the locals. The film is a mix of studio and location filming with some scenes filmed in Perthshire


Trouble in the Glen 2

In the Film Forrest Tucker’s Daughter who was crippled following Polio, is played by Margaret McCourt who had quite a busy career through the Fifties as a child actress – She was in The Invisible Man

Margaret McCourt

ABOVE – Margaret McCourt in Trouble in the Glen

Margaret McCourt 2

ABOVE – Margaret McCourt in The Invisible Man


Trouble in the Glen 3

Filmed in TRUCOLOR – I hadn’t realised that until I saw this title. It looked good though.

Trouble in the Glen 4

Margaret McCourt, Margaret Lockwood and Forrest Tucker

Orson Welles

Orson Welles

Trouble in the Glen is a sort of sequel to Republic’s biggest hit “The Quiet Man” – same writer and same formula.

Orson Welles and Victor McLaglen are at their scene stealing best. Forrest Tucker and Margaret Lockwood are an attractive pair of romantic leads.

The film is reasonably fun mainly because of Orson Welles constantly hamming it up and just having fun. In fact, Orson Welles is so larger than life in his presence and portrayal that he pretty much blasts poor Forrest Tucker off the screen any time they are together. Victor McLaglen is quite good and well able to hold his own with Orson Welles – but they do work well together.

The Film was made at Elstree Film Studios for Republic Pictures  - with location filming in Perthshire.

Trouble in the Glen


Trouble in the Glen 2


A set of Stills from the film – I used to love these and gaze at them when passing the cinema on my way to School for whichever film was showing that week – sometimes two programmes per week though -in the town  I have seen better than these but nevertheless these are good examples of what we would see.



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