The Bolshoi Ballet 1957 – Who saw this one ?

I remember as a young lad being taken by the local Grammar School to see this film and coming across this old magazine reminded me of the film and that occasion. All the class and more were effectively marched down to the centre of town to the old Majestic Cinema I think – in fact I am pretty sure it was. This sort of culture didn’t exactly excite us at the age we were but I do remember the film was in colour AND Cinemascope I think – but if not certainly wide screen. During the years at the Grammar School, we went to the cinema to see The Conquest of Everest,  Richard III  and  The Bolshoi Ballet. An unusual selection BUT a good one at that and very varied.

Below I have found a comment from someone who must have really known about the film’s quality – as I wish we had at the time. The Director of the film was Paul Czinner.

Czinner’s film records performances by Galina Ulanova and the Bolshoi Ballet in England in 1956. Ulanova’s Giselle is the greatest ever recorded, and this film is precious. Czinner filmed with multiple cameras one act of “Giselle” each night at Covent Garden after the regular performance. Ulanova was considered the greatest Giselle of her time, and this film shows why. She was at the end of her performing career, but her dancing is brilliant (though mostly not virtuosic) and heartbreaking. This film is of inestimable value.


I did pose the question in the title to this item – Who saw this one ?   So if anyone did see this at the time then please make a comment which would be very welcome.  Thanks.

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