Skyfall – James Bond – Up dated with more pictures

I might be stretching things a bit here to include this film on a Blog aimed at the Films of the Fifties – but we have a link.    Ian Fleming began writing the books in the fifties in fact Casino Royale appeared in 1953 – and something I didn’t know until very recently was that Bob Holness an actor who later became famous on TV for Blockbusters, was one of the first ever James Bonds in a radio drama version  of The Moonraker in 1956.

Skyfall – James Bond an early taste of action in the film below



Above – Bond heads for the final showdown in Skyfall

 This new film is senstational – I saw it last evening – and what a film it is.  Action packed with a cast including Judi Dench, Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney – sound like a Whos Who of Shakespearean actors and the superb ‘baddie’ who I didnt know called Javier Bardem – but he is really good. Judi Dench has the largest part yet in a Bond film. None of us knew anything at all about the storyline so we were in for surprises all the way with action in Shanghai and Macao but most of it on English soil, athough the final minutes are played out in a breathtaking climax in the Scottish Highlands. This is one to see on the big screen. I was just thinking that after the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics both in 2012 this film is another major British event that will be seen the world over.

Duntrune Castle  above (the oldest intact and inhabited castle in Scotland) on the north side of Loch Crinan was to be a central point in the films ending although the actual house itself used in the film was in fact built as a set many miles away  in Surrey – where a great deal of action takes place.

James Bond Returns Home.

The House in Skyfall – above

In the run up to last Christmas the tiny West Scotland village of Crinan was swamped by film crews capturing the blistering finale for Skyfall the new Bond Film.

It is great to have such a big occasion at the cinema – such as a new Bond film – and this one will not disappoint and probably go down as one of the best ever - although it is always difficult to know how the future changes public perception of films in particular.   However this one seizes the moment.

Below a few more action shots from the film.

Above: A Laugh during this action packed scene.

Another view above as Bond forces his way into a moving train.

A unique way of getting a lift  from Skyfall.

Javier Bardem – A really great ‘baddie’ in this film – Above.


Naomie Harris – Terrific action shot – Above.

And the Aston Martin DB5 makes a stunning return above.

And again – in Scotland on location.

Skyfall World Premiere London October 2012

Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris

Some comments from Daniel Craig and Judi Dench about filming in the Scottish Highlands.

The new James Bond movie Skyfall was partly filmed in Scotland and Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench  filmed scenes in the Highlands.

Craig said: “We got the chance to go up to Scotland and it’s a great backdrop. I mean it’s so beautiful, it’s amazing up there.    

“It’s still one of my favourite places.”

Bond author Ian Fleming loved the area and wrote that the spy’s father Andrew hailed from Glencoe.

Dame Judi Dench said: “It was glorious as always and happened to be the most wonderful day in Glencoe – a beautiful clear day.

“With just that kind of band of mist under the hills – it was perfect.”

They certainly liked it – who wouldn’t ?

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