Saturday Island

This film from 1952

Set in the South Seas with beautiful Technicolor scenery this film has Linda Darnell, incredibly lovely, starring alongside a newcomer - this was Tab Hunter’s first film. Apparently  he had been discovered  while he was working on a ranch and had no prior experience acting – but in this he does well. May years later, in his autobiography, he tells some interesting stories about the making of the film  and tells of Linda’s kindness to him as an absolute beginner. 

This is  the type of film I like – set on a beautiful island, filmed in Technicolor and with a beautiful girl cast in the leading part

Saturday Island


Starred Tab Hunter and Linda Darnell


Linda Darnell is cast as a Canadian Nurse and  Tab Hunter a US Marine who had been stranded on a Desert Island during the war.

BBC radio actor Donald Gray played a pilot who is shot down and lands on the island.  

Saturday Island 1952

A romance develops between the two until Donald Gray arrives on the Island injured and Darnell uses her nursing skills to save him.

The two men eventually fight –  described by Director Henry Hathaway ” he intended to make cinema history by staging the toughest and most earthy battle between two love struck beasts for a woman that had ever been filmed.

It was most unlikely a 19 year old ex Life Guard losing to a 37 year old Gray supposedly recently having had his arm amputated.

The filming set in Jamaica was lovely and Gray’s acting was also praised.

Donald Gray commented that the actors  were in a 5 star hotel with all expenses paid with warm twilights soft calypso music and the unbelievable beauty of caribbean beaches.

He was sad when the location shooting was over and they went back to  Elstree Studios in England to finish the film.

Donald Gray went on to become a Newsreader and later played detective Mark Saber in a TV series which was very successful.

Linda Darnell and Tab Hunter returned to their respective careers in Hollywood.

Saturday Island 1952


Looking at the Poster above – at the time – it was one of those films you would just have to see.  They seemed well able to sell the film through such Posters as these.

Saturday Island 1952 E

Saturday Island 1952 C

Saturday Island 1952 D

Saturday Island 1952 F

Saturday Island 1952 A

Saturday Island 1952 B

Linda Darnell

Above THREE PICTURES – A fight between the two men as Linda Darnell looks on horrified. 

Island of Desire 1952

With Release in the USA it became Island of Desire ABOVE

Island of Desire 1952 2

Island of Desire 1952 – ALSO advertising using this film to sell the Product – ABOVE


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