Pets with their owners – Film Stars Pets

I am sure that many of us have a pet – and what a joy it is.  Many of the Stars of this era, and any other come to that, owned pets – some more extreme than others as you will see below

Johnny Sheffield and his dog Kurt

Johnny Sheffield with his dog Kurt who went to the Studios with  him when he as making the Bomba Film ‘Lord of the Jungle’

Jeanne Crain with her dogs 2

Jeanne Crain had quite a large family – and two dogs too it seems

Joan Rice and her dog

Joan Rice with a little Peke – not sure that this was her dog – I do know though that later in life when she had left films and had an Estate Agency in Maidenhead that she owned – and loved – her Labrador Sheba.

Irene Papas

Irene Papas ABOVE – intervenes between cat and dog as they play together.

Roy Rogers with Trigger

Roy Rogers and Trigger – Trigger even went to work with Roy Rogers – and usually enjoyed star billing in his films – and travelled abroad  on promotional trips.

Now we go to the extreme as a pet owner – Tippi Hedren had a full grown male lion called Neil share her home.

Tippi Hedren with her Pet Neil The Lion

Looking back she recalls this as an incredibly foolish thing to do

Tippi Hedren with her Pet Neil The Lion 2


Such a large animal is capable of doing untold damage if things ever got out of hand

Melanie Griffith with Neil

Melanie Griffith her Daughter swimming with the Lion

Melanie Griffith with Neil 2

Melanie Griffith having fun

Melanie Griffith with Neil 3


Her Daughter Melanie Griffiths had a very close relationship with Neil the Lion – it even shared her bed on occasions

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