Nowhere to Go 1958

This film was shown on Talking Pictures last weekend and although it is not one I knew at all I have to say I should have because this was a gripping film.

I have often been of the opinion that – certainly in those days and maybe even today – the title can sell the film – or not !!  I think this is a classic example because the title says nothing and is uninteresting – it needed  a punchy title.

Even now if you see this advertised on Talking Pictures, on the strength of the title you would not give it a second look. I must say – you would be making a mistake if you didn’t give it a look.

Nowhere to Go 1958 Nowhere to Go 1958 1

Directed expertly by Seth Holt, who co-wrote the film with critic Kenneth Tynan, the film has George Nader as an American con man in London, looking to  steal a valuable coin collection (the owner is played by former silent film star Bessie Love). His partner in crime is the quiet and yet dangerous Bernard Lee.

Maggie Smith makes her film debut as George Nader’s love interest.

Also in the cast we have Bernard Lee, Geoffrey Keen, Harry H Corbett and Andree Melly – George Melly’s sister – she did appear occasionally on ‘Whats My Line’

Later on she was a regular panellist on the Radio programme ‘Just a Minute’

Then on to the uncredited ones – and there are some quite famous names here – Glyn Houston,  Arthur Howard – pictured on he left ABOVE, Lionel Jeffries, Howard Marion Crawford and John Welsh ( second left seated in the ABOVE picture)  who a few years later was  in The Forsyte Saga


Nowhere to Go 1958 2

Nowhere to Go 1958 3


The story never seems to go in the direction you expect -its charm lies in this unpredictability. 

Nowhere to Go 1958 4

Nowhere To Go seems both authentic and believable. In the end, Paul Gregory’s self-assured cockiness is undone by surprise, deceit and suspicion.

Nowhere to Go 1958 5

Those more accustomed to seeing  Maggie Smith in her more sophisticated roles from the 1970s onwards, will be pleasantly surprised by her ability to comfortably inhabit the role of a working class girl.

Nowhere to Go 1958 6

 I have to admit that although I have been aware of  George Nader, I have  a job to remember a film that I have seen him in other than this.

Nowhere to Go 1958 7


    Nowhere to Go 1958 8

Both Bessie Love and Bernard Lee provide strong supporting roles.

This is a film that is quite gripping from start to finish.

Paul Beeson’s wonderful cinematography helps make it and is an important factor here.

“Nowhere to go” is the first film directed by Seth Holt who also wrote it – sadly he didn’t write any more. What a shame that was !!


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