Not so Special Effects

Back in the 1950s we went to the Cinema to be entertained – and these low budget films with preposterous story lines – and not much better special effects came thick and fast – at that time mainly from America.

We had a makeshift Cinema in the next village / small town that showed films and I remember my brother going to see Tarantula 1955 there – which has a young Clint Eastwood playing a very minor part as a fighter pilot.

Tarantula 1955

The main roles were to John Agar – a regular in this type of film – and Mara Corday plus Leo G. Carroll – who had a main role and a long run in the TV series ‘The Man From Uncle’ a few years later

“Tarantula” is a typical sci-fi of the 50′s and a surprisingly good film. The screenplay is very well written and it is supported by good direction, performances, cinematography and special effects – at least these were ok for the time.

Below – What a scene this – needs to be seen to be believed

The Amazing Colossal Man 1957Above: Those actors  in the picture are on hand to administer a dose of something in the largest syringe ever seen in the film The Amazing Colossal Man from 1957.

This film is nothing more than a poorly-crafted, poor  special effects laden film about a man that survives a plutonium blast that starts to grow almost 8 inches a day. Soon Colonel Glenn Manning becomes fifty feet high and starts to lose his mind.

Film Director – Bert I. Gordon is able to do something he rarely ever does, and that is make you care a bit for the characters. Glen Manning is punished for a good deed and his heroic personality, and the irony of his situation is never lost on him or the audience. Glenn Langan does his best and a pretty good job as the giant man The rest of the cast is not quite at his mediocre level.

Below – What a scene this as

War of the ColossaL Beast 1958

Above: A sequel to THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN,  this film picks up where that one left off.

Col. Glenn Manning, having survived the fall from Boulder Dam is disfigured and hopelessly insane – and the U.S. military tries to contain him while his sister tries to communicate with him. He manages to escape and wreak havoc.

This time we have  Dean Parkin in the main role as Col. Glenn Manning – and the film has the same Director – Bert I. Gordon

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