North West Frontier 1959

Now this was a real boys-own adventure film – and how good it was too. Set in India and filmed in Widescreen and Colour we were transported across India by a train

North West Frontier 1959


North West Frontier  is a suspenseful epic about smuggling a boy prince out of India’s north western province to safety , after his father, the Rajah, is killed in a massive uprising.  English army officer Captain Scott played by Kenneth More  is given last-minute orders to bring the boy out in safety.

Most of the English population of the area fled prior to the uprising and only the Governor ( Wilfred Hyde-White ), his wife ( Ursula Jeans ), the prince’s American governess ( Lauren Bacall ), a Dutch/Indian news reporter ( Herbert Lom ) and a French gun dealer ( I.S. Johar ) remain, all of whom ask for Captain Scott’s assistance in their flight for safety. 

The only means of train transportation left at his disposal is an old steam locomotive – Victoria, the Empress of India. Very much a Star of the Film also

The Little Train comes under fire


The Train and Kenneth More under Fire

Gupta, the engineer of the locomotive has great faith in “his fine lady”, and assures the Captain that Victoria will be suitable for the mission.

When the film was released in the UK, Kenneth More received top billing for his performance as the Captain but on  the USA release, he was second billed to Lauren Bacall.  Lauren Bacall  is excellent as usual and perfectly suited as the head-strong American woman who likes to speak her mind, and who slowly falls in love with the storybook correct Captain Scott.

Lauren Bacall and Ursual Jeans with the young Prince


Lauren Bacall and Ursual Jeans on the train


North West Frontier seems to be a highly under-rated adventure film possibly because  it is rarely seen on television – however that was remedied today on Talking Pictures

Yes this is British Cinema at it`s best, a rousing picture with all the right ingredients, lots of ‘goodies’, a real ‘baddie’, and a dashing hero, with a fiesty female lead in the form of Lauren Bacall.


Kenneth More and I.S. Johar


Kenneth More and I.S. Johar 2


Kenneth More and I.S. Johar 3


Kenneth More is as always top rate, but it is the wonderful  I.S.Johor who steals the show  as the train driver. He is just brilliant.


I S Johar

ABOVE  I.S.Johar

Wilfred Hyde White is well cast as  the British Diplomat, and Herbert Lom as as bad a baddie as you would ever want to see.

Kenneth More chats with Lauren Bacall on the Footplate

ABOBE – Lauren Bacall chats to Kenneth More on the Footplate of Victoria, the Empress of India as the train transports them across India to safety


Herbert Lom - North West Frontier

 Herbert Lom as as bad a baddie as you would ever want to see.

Wilfrid Hyde White

And Wilfrid Hyde White in sparkling form as the Governor- played in typically English style by him

This is a Film well worth catching up on – it is quite absorbing and when the journey gets under way it is really All Out Action




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