More fascinating Posters – New Films at the Cinema

I am cheating a bit here because these films are actually from the Sixties – so a little bit later than we normally do


Another Double Bill


It’s also interesting to look at the quite famous names of the actors and see just how many well known names seem to be in just one film alone at that time.  Must have been good work for them then – probably filing by day and on stage in the evening.

A friend of mine did point  out some time ago,  just how many big names appear here  in the one film – and as he said it would be unusual today.


Another Double Bill 2


Donald Houston in the film featured above for instance started off in The Blue Lagoon 1949 – a film that often crops up on this Blog – but after that quite big one his career never hit the high spots it should have done – and certainly nowhere near as successful as his co-star in that film -  Jean Simmons.

Shirley Ann Field above – we saw her in a straight play at the Theatre about three years ago – so she is still active.


Carry on Cabby

Then we come to a Carry On film – just look at the names in this one.

I notice Esme Cannon and always remember her as the naïve young  girl staying at a Butlins like resort in the film ‘Holiday Camp’ – a film I really like. She is murdered by Dennis Price in that film.

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