Monster from the Ocean Floor 1954

This was the producing debut of the B-movie king Roger Corman.

Many of his films were about unknown dangers lurking in the vast and unexplored ocean, and he produced/directed many profitable ones. In this one we have a giant one-eyed octopus skulking amongst a coastline in Mexico.

Monster from the Ocean Floor 1954

While holidaying in Mexico, Julie Blair (Anne Kimbell) learns about a mysterious monster who has eaten various residents of the sea-side town. The only clues it leaves behinds are massive drag marks that resident Pablo (director Wyott Ordung) describes as “not a seal.”

Marine biologist Steve Dunning (Stuart Wade) picks her up in his mini-submarine and the two hit it off,  but Steve is not at all convinced by Julie’s concerns about the mythical creature. With Steve moving on for further exploration, Julie is left on her own, with one of the local residents whispering in Pablo’s ear that a human sacrifice may cause the creature to go back into hibernation.

I didn’t know much about the two leading actors in this film but it looks as though it was Stuart Wade’s debut film. He seemed to continue until 1964 in roles – some not credited but at least  he took one of the starring roles in this one. I will try to find out more about him.

Anne Kimbell  had a more successful acting career – in fact she did come to London and appeared in a West End play directed by Vivien Leigh – and met and married her husband here,  who was in the diplomatic service – so after films she lived in various place in the world with her family.

She does seem to have been an interesting person.

Anne Kimbell

 Anne Kimbell with Bomba in The Golden Idol

Above – Anne Kimbell with Johnny Sheffield in Bomba and The Golden Idol 1954

The same year as Monster from the Ocean Floor

In 1992, Anne Kimbell travelled to Colorado with the intention of purchasing a horse ranch.  She acquired the ranch as planned, but also purchased the Jones Theater in Westcliffe, Colorado,  which the previous owner had intended to convert into a Laundromat.  She wanted to preserve the theater as a working cultural landmark in the Wet Mountain Valley.  She founded the Westcliffe Centre for the Performing Arts and based it at the theatre.  She and her business partner, Tom Stagg, expanded the WCPA and oversaw the addition of the new Studio 2 onto the existing Jones Theater.

Anne  Kimbell  also developed the Shakespeare in the Park festival, which is now held annually in Westcliffe.She served as the WCPA’s president, producer and, finally, its artistic director until her death in 2017.

 She developed women’s cultural programs in Tunisia  and a school for women in Chad.

 She was the author of several novels, including To Catch a Spy, The Ibeji Twins and Assignment Paris.

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