Hollywood Film Stars relax

A few weeks ago, we featured a similar item and here are more pictures from the Early to Mid Fifties showing that even those Stars of the Screen have to have some down time – and indeed they do know how to enjoy themselves

For instance Jeanne Crain BELOW just loves making home movies and is quite often seen with her quite sophisticated film camera – this one looks to have three turret lenses and is probably a 16 mm type but it looks good. Jeanne gives her own film nights at her home where her friends have great fun watching them. I would imagine she took this film camera along on location – wish we could get hold of those films if she did as there would be a really interesting look  ‘behind the scenes’ of the films from those days.

Jeanne Crain

Rhonda Fleming below had just married Dr. Lew Morrill when this picture was taken They had tied the knot while she was on location filming Pony Express for Paramount Pictures

Rhonda Fleming


Hollywood Stars at Home – Above Rhonda Fleming and Below Doris Day

Doris Day


ABOVE – Doris Day is just busying herself around her home

Robert Cummings and His Daughter


ABOVE – Robert Cummings swimming with his Daughter Tio. She was one of five children he had with former actress Mary Elliot

James Stewart anf His Wife

A quiet cup of tea with his wife for James Stewart.

Barbara Bel Geddes – BELOW

Barbara Bel Geddes 4

Barbara Bel Geddes lived in what is described as ‘a modest, attractive house in West Hollywood’

BELOW – she is with her Daughter Susan

Barbara Bel Geddes with her Daughter Susan

BELOW – Finishing writing her letters and then  choosing a Book

Barbara Bel Geddes


Barbara Bel Geddes 3

I remember her from the film I Remember Mama made in about 1948 – although for me it was seeing it on Television quite a few years later. She did not have a prolific career in films -and in truth didn’t make that many and when she did she was never top billed.

She is probably best remembered for the very successful Television Show Dallas much later

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