Having Fun on Location – The Admirable Crichton

When the film stars go to Location, I would imagine that not all of them are as appealing as this was  in Bermuda –  one that the crew and actors for the film The Admirable Crichton needed to go to and to stay at probably for a few weeks.

The film was shot from September to December 1956 in Bermuda and at London Film Studios in Shepperton.

Below we have some unusual photographs of the Stars and crew just having fun and messing around on and around the film set.

Stars at play on film set


Diane Cilento – Takes aim ABOVE


Stars at play on film set 2


Stars at play on film set 3


Film Cameraman Harry Gillam seems to have fitted in well as a dramatic actor if the above scenes are anything to go by.


Stars at play on film set 7

Sally Anne Howes – Much more peaceful pose near the rocks.

Stars at play on film set 5


ABOVE: Kenneth More with Diane Cliento in the water, Cecil Parker makes a noise blowing  a shell and a dramatic take on a stormy sea

Stars at play on film set 6

ABOVE, Kenneth More very un-gentlemanly with Sally Anne Howes, and again coming off second best with a monkey – and tasting local tea with Sally Anne Howes.

The Admirable Crichton


Lewis Gilbert who directed the film told stories about filming The Admirable Crichton on the island.

Apparently the whole crew was invited up to dinner one evening at the playwright/actor Noel Coward’s place [Spithead Lodge on Harbour Road] — and that Noel Coward had insisted on cooking.

Everyone was apparently too much in awe of him to tell him his cooking was simply awful.

This film had a glittering 1957 red-carpet London premiere.   Lewis Gilbert said that  it proved to be a successful film at the Box Office.


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