Duel of the Titans – Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott

Dual of the Titans 6

Duel of the Titans. The legendary brothers Romulus and Remus go into conflict as to who will ultimately survive and found the city of Caesars.  Steve Reeves (Romulus) and Gordon Scott (Remus) are brought into competition.

They are shown from their earliest beginnings as abandoned babes on the Tiber River, destined to face all sorts of challenges. First come their adventures after they are adopted by a female wolf as her own offspring. Then they later handle catastrophes like an erupting volcano or combat with an angry bear. Once the two brothers have reached adulthood, they become enemies, as Remus seeks to asert his power and Romulus seeks to contain him.

Dual of the Titans

Dual of the Titans 2

This is an enjoyable film with struggles, love and hatred, tortures and including spectacular  battle scenes. Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott are perfect as the mythical heroes who encounter pretty risky situations while trying to find a location for the foundation a city.

I imagine they had a great time making this film in Italy.

Dual of the Titans 3

When this film is seen  in ideal circumstances— with an excellent print and in the original widescreen format —  DUEL OF THE TITANS  is one of the best.

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This is not a muscleman fantasy with superhuman feats of strength, like HERCULES, but a serious retelling of the foundation myth of Rome. Various elements of the Romulus and Remus story are freely but intelligently reinterpreted, the sets and costumes have a convincing  look, and the larger-than-life characters of the legendary Twins are strongly portrayed by Gordon Scott and Steve Reeves. Both actors are at the peak of their considerable cinematic charisma. (Virna Lisi as Julia and Ornella Vanoni  are also impressive!)

Dual of the Titans 5

I liked Steve Reeves – he had a limited range of course but made the very best of what he could do. Gordon Scott also – from the peak of his career in the Tarzan films – where he did pretty well – after following Lex Barker and Johnny Weismuller in the role – and this was a pretty tough act to follow. Lex had proved a brilliant Tarzan after the legendary Johnny.


Dual of the Titans 7

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