David Attenborough on Television spanning the Years

This man is certainly ‘flavour of the month’ at the moment with his very popular BBC TV series  - However he has been very popular for a good many years on British Television

David Attenborough 3

Some of these pictures date from 1961.

David Attenborough


In an article he wrote for one of the Film Annuals in 1961 – one of the first things he states is “I will not be a ‘personality’ – and all that lark!”

Well – maybe he is very much a personality and celebrity now.

David Attenborough 2

Above with his TWO Brothers – two of which we know well

David Attenborough

At this time he is doing ‘Zoo Quest’ on BBC Television

David Attenborough 2

Above – With Guide in Africa in the very early sixties.

David Attenborough with the Queen in her Garden


Above – we now jump forward  a few years to 2018 and see the Queen walking round her Buckingham Palace Garden with David Attenborough – and it seem making him laugh with a remark she has made.

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2 Responses to “David Attenborough on Television spanning the Years”

  1. Alan Keeling says:

    I was overjoyed to find out from the media that BBC’s Zoo Quest was actually filmed in colour all those years ago.

    • Movieman says:

      Alan, Thanks I hadn’t realised that – unusual at the time for the BBC to film in colour but it seems someone had foresight here. Would be good to see the footage again. I am sure that it is still available. Neil

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