Come Next Spring 1956 in Trucolor

Recently we did a Post on TruColor which was the process used by Republic Pictures – and this film came from that Studio, and is in  TruColor.

It is billed as ‘The Warmest, Happiest, most Wonderful Picture Ever !

Come Next Spring 1956

This would be one of the last from Republic – and one of the last in  TruColor.

Come Next Spring 1956 Video

Come Next Spring 1956 Video 2

This exceptionally effective and emotional small film is one of Republic’s very best, and one of their last that was creatively and carefully produced as the studio died. In lovely-odd storybook Tru-colour that really suits, and with an excellent cast, especially the always gorgeous Anne Sheridan and Steve Cochran COME NEXT SPRING with its Max Steiner Score, and Tony Bennett theme song has remained unloved an unappreciated for far too long.   Apparently Martin Scorsese puts it forward as being an influence to him in that he thought that it should be studied by film makers to see how well a small budget with love and care can result in an excellent tough, real, romantic family drama.

The real and crumbling backwoods town they all vist in one scene is probably as close to real surviving 1920s small Town America as we would ever genuinely see. Look for this film and get settled and enjoy it.

Come Next Spring 1956 2

The Above is a Still from film – Still features Ann Sheridan, Steve Cochran, Sherry Jackson and Richard Eyer.

For some reason whenever I hear the word ‘Spring’ I inevitably think of this film – ‘Come Next Spring’ which I remember.  I thought Ann Sheridan & Steve Cochran were near the end of their careers and this was their swansong and did they know how to capture the whole essence of a small town community going through a crisis. It is warm, gentle and has a loving nature running all through it as though they all knew that the studio was near the end like a lot of the cast in their careers.

Filmed in True Color and produced by Steve Cochran’s  own Robert Alexander Productions, Come Next Spring  was released by Republic Pictures in 1956.

With locations shot in Sacramento, the Film was set in rural Arkansas during the 1920s. Steve Cochran playing Matt Ballot returning home after some years of heavy drinking. Considered a disgrace by the local community, he finds himself struggling to win the love of his wife  Anne Sheridan and children.

Little Rock was chosen for the premiere on February 1, 1956.

Steve Cochran making a guest appearance, signing autographs:

A square dance, in front of the theatre, as part of world premiere:

The location of the above photograph is not definitely known.

Steve Cochran had formed his own independent Production Company in 1955, called Robert Alexander Productions (his birth name was Robert Alexander Cochran)

In 1950, while working together on Warner Brothers’ “THE LION AND THE HORSE”, Sherry Jackson introduced her young widowed mother to writer Montgomery Pittman, Steve Cochran’s best friend.(Sherry Jackson’s father was killed in an automobile accident in 1948.) This meeting between Pittman and Jackson’s mother culminated in their marriage two years later, with Steve Cochran acting as best man for his friend Pittman.

In 1955, Montgomery Pittman turned his writing talent to providing a challenging vehicle for his vastly-talented young step-daughter and came up with COME NEXT SPRING. Steve Cochran bought the story for his just-formed Robert Alexander Productions.

Steve Cochran then SOLD it to Republic Pictures Corporation, for an undisclosed amount of money…plus the proviso that he would star in the film and Sherry Jackson would play the role of Annie Ballott. Republic agreed to the terms, laid out the money… and Robert Alexander Productions and erstwhile-producer Steve Cochran made a graceful exit, while (uncredited)Republic staff took over the production of this now-recognised great film, directed by  R. G. Springsteen.

Film Director “Bud” Springsteen did himself proud. – maybe it was because Montgomery Pittman was standing near-by =- who knows !!


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