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When I was much younger, I remember going to see Cliff Richard and The Drifters ( as they would be before they changed their name to The Shadows ) over in the City of Hull where they were in a Pantomime – although it was less of a panto and more of a Rock n Roll show. They were fantastic and my brother and myself and some friends were so impressed by this live show of such stars. At that time Cliff was in his Rock n Roll early stage and to many of us, at his best.


Cliff In Panto 11 January 1960

An astonishingly long and successful career for Cliff Richard as regards his singing and to be fair his films also did very well from his first part in ‘Serious Charge’ with Anthony Quayle – this was a very good and dramatic film and then onto the two below which were more light hearted, colourful and with quite good storylines.


Cliff Richard


I can’t recall Cliff being dressed up as a cowboy though, but I have to say, he looks good and seems to fit the part. Maybe he should have gone to the USA and done a Western after all Elvis started with one – ‘Love Me Tender’ – and then on to King Creole which to me was his best – and then GI Blues – and the films then although very successful were not brilliant – but they gave the fans what they wanted.

However the picture of Cliff ABOVE – is from the film ‘Wonderful Life’

Cliff in Summer Holiday was on great form with a strong cast.


Cliff Richard 2


ABOVE:  Cliff with Una Stubbs and Jackie Daryl taking advantage of the location in the Canary Islands

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday is one of those enchanting  films,  made when musicals were the rage in Hollywood. 

Cliff Richard really enjoys himself and displays to  the audience with his immense onscreen charisma as well as his songs and dance routines.

This well-cast film  also has Cliff Richard singing the theme song, which we can all sing along to –  “Summer Holiday”. Great entertainment and very good fun to watch

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