Carson City 1952 – In Warnercolor

One of the advantages of having my Mother In Law over on a Sunday afternoon is that she prefers to watch good action packed older colour films – quite often Westerns so today we have seen Randolph Scott in Carson City from 1952 – and the very first film in Warnercolor – and very good colour it was too.

Andre de Toth directed Carson City – it looks pretty good, and it was successful. Eventually, he would direct six Randolph Scott films, with all four of the Warner Bros. ones being in WarnerColor.

By the way, Carson City is available on DVD through Warner Archive.


This  is a good story and a baddie in the shape of Daniel Massey who really fits the role.

Andre De Toth took over late in production after Michael Curtiz apparently did not want to deal with  the new Warnercolor process.
I have to say though – the colour looked good.
The lead girl in this film was Lucille  Norman who  had been a professional singer first and then transferred over to films in mostly second female leads except with this  one  where she played the  leading lady.
Soon after this she retired from films and later in life she became the companion and part-owner/saleswoman of “Charles Crenshaw Piano Store” in Burbank, California.
Carson City 1952
I also found this advertisement for Chesterfield Cigarettes – you wouldn’t find an advertisement like this nowadays
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