Captain Flint – A New Home after his film acting in Treasure Island 1950 !!

Captain Flint – A New Home !!

Bobby Driscoll and Capn Flint

Here is Cap’n Flint ABOVE – with Bobby Driscoll in a posed still while they were filming Treasure Island.

Bobby Driscoll looks very well here – and on top of his acting when he played  Jim Hawkins

Robert Newton with Capn Flint in his new home

The parrot Cap’n Flint  who stars with Robert Newton in Treasure Island and Bobby Driscoll  in the RKO-Walt Disney production of ‘Treasure Island’ made at Denham Film Studios in 1949 – released 1950.

He has earned retirement in a Public House The Prospect of Whitby one of London’s only riverside inns.  Here  Robert Newton is handing Cap’n Flint over to Landlord George H. Broadbent and his wife.  I hope Cap’n Flint enjoyed the long retirement he deserved for his famous role in the classic film.

The ‘Prospect’ may have had its fair share of human celebrities but also was home to a celebrity of the feathered variety, a newspaper from 1951 gives the details.

‘Captain Flint, the talented parrot which rides the shoulder of Robert Newton during his portrayal of Long John Silver in ‘Treasure Island,’ has not been relegated to oblivion. When the picture was finished, Captain Flint was retired to a life of luxury in the famous ‘Prospect of Whitby.’





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4 Responses to “Captain Flint – A New Home after his film acting in Treasure Island 1950 !!”

  1. David Rayner says:

    The Prospect of Whitby Inn is still there, although after 70 years, I doubt that Captain Flint the parrot still is.

    • Movieman says:

      David. Thanks for your response. Have not heard from you for a while but pleased that you still read the Posts. Yes I had not realised that Capn Flint went there after his starring role. I hope he had a good and long retirement. Came across this snippet in a magazine a couple of days ago. I really liked the film. Neil

  2. David Rayner says:

    I look at all your postings, but have almost given up commenting on them as they can’t be seen by you at your end.

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