Behemoth The Sea Monster 1959


In the Fifties we were treated to quite a lot of this type of film which must mean that they were successful at the Box Office.  Some of them like ‘The Giant Claw’ were quite frankly ludicrous and even at the time laughable – one of those films that was so bad that it was good.

However ‘Behemoth the Sea Monster’ was, for the time, a good film. Made in England at The National Studios, Borehamwood and much of the location work filmed in Cornwall.


Behemoth The Sea Monster 1959 4

There were many “giant-monster” films from the 50′s . Some were terrible. Most were good, including this one.  For the most part, the actors do a good job.  There is enough action to maintain interest and the story is pretty good - maybe not original though. This monster is not only radioactive but has an electric charge which emits  radiation.

Some use of stock footage as well which there often was in this sort of film.



Behemoth The Sea Monster 1959

BEHEMOTH THE SEA MONSTER is a British version of the classic GODZILLA story, although it’s more closely linked to THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS

British monster films are mostly entertaining  and this one is no exception –  the cast is full of decent, typically English types who  band together to tackle the menace coming their way.

BEHEMOTH THE SEA MONSTER tells a very typical storyline for the era.

The film features  American film actor Gene Evans, backed up by some heavyweight British talent in the form of a tough Andre Morell ( one of my favourite actors) and the likes of Jack MacGowran.


Behemoth The Sea Monster 1959 2

ABOVE – Behemoth rampages through the streets of London

Behemoth The Sea Monster 1959 3

ABOVE – Behemoth even attacks  The Houses of Parliament

Behemoth The Sea Monster 1959 5

ABOVE – A colour still from the film – probably and American Lobby Card.

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