Battle of Rogue River PLUS Drums of Tahiti

Now what could be better than this – a visit to the cinema in 1954 to see TWO Technicolor Productions – On an action packed Western and then an adventure on the South Sea Islands.

At the time it would be every young lad’s dream to see this programme I reckon.

Double Bill from the USA


Below: Richard Denning

Battle of Rogue River

Battle of Rogue River



Battle of Rogue River 2

George Montgomery seemed here, to be at the height of his success,  making one good  Western after another, often with William Castle as Director.


Martha Hyer’s career was also taking off at this time, and she’d be nominated for an Oscar for Some Came Running (1958).

Richard Denning was in the excellent Hangman’s Knot (1952 ) – but I mainly remember him myself for a favourite of our family – ‘Beyond  The Blue Horizon’.  Come to think of it – this would fit a Boyhood dream of being on a tropical desert Island as much as ANY film would – this one fits the part perfectly.

A scene below with Richard Denning and Dorothy Lamour from the film we love – Beyond The Blue Horizon

Beyond the Blue Horizon 1942

Above:  ‘Beyond The Blue Horizon’. Richard Denning and Dorothy Lamour – This film was in Technicolor

Richard Denning  was in  Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

Richard Denning was married to the beautiful Universal horror star Evelyn Ankers. She also appeared opposite Lex Barker as Tarzan in Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle.

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3 Responses to “Battle of Rogue River PLUS Drums of Tahiti”

  1. Alan Keeling says:

    I recall Richard Denning’s TV roles as The Flying Doctor (1959), also as Michael Shayne (1960/61), then later as Governer Jameson in Hawaii 5-0 (1968/82).

    • Movieman says:

      Alan. Many Thanks for this. Richard Denning does seem to have a long and varied acting career. I think he should have had more starring roles though, but for whatever reason he was not offered them – or maybe didn’t take them. Still he does seem to have had a good and happy life. Neil

      • Alan Keeling says:

        Thanks Neil, I wouldn’t mind seeing The Flying Doctor again, if only Network DVD would release the series.

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