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The Battle at Apache Pass stars Jeff Chandler and  John Lund – with  Susan Cabot, Jay Silverheels, and Jack Elam in supporting roles.

I remember seeing this film at the local Cinema as a very young boy and it really impressed me – so much so that I remember it today – not so much for the storyline of the film itself but for the title and how colourful it was.

Battle at Apache Pass


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Battle at Apache Pass 2


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Filmed beautifully in Technicolor the locations used were at Moab, Utah, with Arches National Park, Colorado River, Courthouse Wash, Ida Gulch and Professor Valley forming the backdrops to the story.

The film is a fictionalised account of the Battle of Apache Pass that occurred in 1862.

It deals in the events that led up to the battle and focuses on the in fighting between Chiricahua warriors Cochise and Geronimo.

Both  Jeff Chandler and Jay Silverheels reprise their character roles from Broken Arrow 1950

A good storyline  with beautiful Technicolor scenery,  George Sherman directed the film.

The action scenes are really good, with the actual battle  brilliantly constructed in a rock formed valley, with loads of extras, and much action.

Battle at Apache Pass 5
It is a fine Western film.

Beverley Tyler

Among the supporting Actors was Beverly Tyler – a very attractive young lady who had a supporting actor type of career but nevertheless remained around for a good few years








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