An Array of Comics – From the Films or should have been !

As all of us – of a certain age – know here in England we had quite a lot of Comics that came out weekly – Dando, Beano, Eagle to name just a few and some of them were film themed – maybe some came from the USA but we still got them.



The ABOVE comic – Eagle – was one of the best and in truth a little ‘up market’ on the others of the day. Well drawn and imagined with a variation of stories throughout.



Film comic


ABOVE – Just seen this Rod Cameron comic – I can’t remember this one at all. I wouldn’t have thought he would be in a comic. He seemed a bigger star but maybe they just cashed in on  the success of these publications.

Film comic 2

Casey Ruggles ABOVE. There was no film connection here. This character to my knowledge did not appear in a film but I have included it here because – with a name like that – he really should have done. It is a name that seems ‘made to measure’ for the many B Westerns of that era.


Film comic 3


ABOVE – Lash Larue – Now here is someone who had the most famous and popular of all the ‘film themed’ comics for quite a few years. He invented a style and developed it in a range of films that did well at the Box Office and when these comics came out they proved to be one of the most successful ones – if not THE most successful.  They are still very collectable today.


Film comic 4


ABOVE: Wild Bill Pecos  – Again a very good name but no films

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