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  1. Jingan Young says:

    Hello! I am a PhD researcher of Soho films – I came across your post on Carmen Dillon and wondered where you found the beautiful photographs of the Miracle in Soho set? Thank you!

    • Movieman says:

      Jingan, Thanks for your interest in my Blog and in answer to the question you ask – these pictures were scanned from the Girl Film Annual 2 from 1958.
      There is quite a good and long article on Carmen Dillon in this Annual – she is someone from the world of films that I have come to admire for her work particularly on The Story of Robin Hood 1952 for Walt Disney where she produced some wonderful sets – some of the best I ever saw. Walt Disney before this film was made, had come to have great faith in her and her ability – and he was proved right as he often was of course.
      Thanks again, Neil

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